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Keswick and Solway ICC

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North Cumbria has been divided into eight Integrated Care Communities based on clusters of GP practices and their registered populations. By understanding the challenges that each area faces it is hoped that the community can work together with health and care organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of local people.

ICC Factfile

ICC Leadership Trio:

Adult Social Care: Sarah Joyce
Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: Yannick Raimbault
GPs: Peter Hemingway (Keswick) / Richard Massey (Caldbeck Surgery)
Deputy: Martin Woodham

ICC Population: 

GP Surgeries:

Health Profile:

  • Older population projected to increase
  • Life Expectancy (males and females) below national average
  • Elective hospital admissions for hip replacement above national average
  • Incidence of prostate cancer above national average

Find out more

Detailed profiles have been developed for each ICC to support the planning of future services. They cover information on the population and local health needs. View ICC profiles|

Useful info for your area

Compass in Cumbria is a way of linking information from the third sector, social care and health together for people living in Cumbria. It covers everything from local events and useful guides to volunteer opportunities and links to further support.

Compass in Cumbria|

What’s happened so far?


Looking after yourself

For minor illnesses and ailments treating them at home is often the best option. If you need advice the NHS Choices Symptom Checker| can help you find out what’s wrong and what to do next. For advice on the go, the NHS have pulled together a list of apps to help you manage your health.|

If you’re worried about a child you can try the free NHS Child Health app which has advice on common conditions for children under five – just search for ‘NHS Child Health’ in Google Play or the App Store.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the information on this page please email communications.helpdesk@cumbria.nhs.uk |

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