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West, North and East Cumbria Health and Care Partnership

The West, North and East Cumbria  Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) (which covers Carlisle, Allerdale, Copeland and Eden) is known as the:
"West, North and East Cumbria Health and Care Partnership"

As an integrated health and care system we have in place a Systems Leadership Board to endorse, guide and work together as part of implementing our integrated health and care system. Members of the system include: 

• Cumbria County Council
• Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
• Healthwatch Cumbria North-Cumbria-CCG• NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group
• North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust
• North West Ambulance Service

Our Integrated health and Care System covers a population of 327,000: 

• Allerdale 96,471 residents
• Copeland 69,832 residents (of which approx. 8,400 are in Lancashire & South Cumbria STP area).

• Carlisle 108,022 residents.

• Eden 52,630 residents. 

 Partnerships between the providers and the commissioners of health and social care with the community, aim to integrate services to deliver a better experience for patients, staff and communities.

STPs are outlined in theFive Year Forward View| for the NHS. Plans here have been developed by the local health and care system and set out a longer term and broader ambition for improved health and well-being, as well as for health and care services locally. 

Our West, North and East Cumbria Health and Social Care Partnership aims to:

1) Prevent illness and empower people to support their own health and well-being.
2) Strengthen and invest in local primary care, social care and community care.
3) Deliver sustainable hospital services and develop improved physical and mental health services closer to home and in hospital when needed.

Here is the plan published in November 2016:
The STP for the south of the county has also been developed by Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria.
More information is available Here| 

How are we changing working?

We are inegrating our services and teams so that organisational barriers don't get in the way of delivering the best care for patients.

This is an explanation of how STPs nationally are changing the delivery of health care:


The NHS is a complex organisation, below is an alternative guide which demonstrates how all the parts fit together including the STPs:

How can you get involved?

West, North and East Cumbria Health and Care Partnership has committed to working with our communities on service change and improvement.

We will do this through
 co-production.  Select Here| for more information on how co-production is working.

Here Prof. Stephen Singleton describes co-production:


Contact Information

West, North and East Cumbria Health and Care Partnership Lead is Stephen Eames (Chief Executive of North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust).

If you have a media enquiry please contact Julie Clayton (Head of Communication and Engagement at NHS North Cumbria CCG) e-mail:|

For any other information please e-mail:| (please mark your query: ' FAO STP team')

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