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Our Vision

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Our Vision:

Better Health and Best Care for the people of North Cumbria, Delivered Sustainably

We are here to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Firstly this is about making a difference by improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and their families. In particular it is about taking serious action to reduce the inequalities in health that exist between different communities across North Cumbria.

We want to add years to peoples’ lives, and quality life to these extra years.

Making a difference to people’s lives also includes improving the day to day experience of patients and those working to deliver better healthcare. Working for the health service in North Cumbria should be a privilege and a source of pride. We want this to be true for all our colleagues, as we recognise that quite simply people who are happy in their jobs provide better care.

To achieve our vision we are committed to:

• Delivering standards of care as enjoyed by most of England

• Returning the local NHS system to a sustainable financial balance

• Embedding continuous service improvement methods across the system, empowering front line clinicians and practitioners.

• Working flexibly to enable changing, where necessary, which organisation delivers services, where is delivered and how it is paid for.

• Putting ahead of each organisation’s interests and professional interests patients and the health system interests first.

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