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Equality Objectives

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NHS Cumbria CCG's Equality and Diversity Objectives

In 2015 a number of Public Sector Services in Cumbria came together to deliver a joint Public Sector Equality Strategy for Cumbria with joint Equality Objectives.  The organisations involved are:

  • Cumbria Constabulary
  • Cumbria County Council
  • Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group

For communities in Cumbria we want to meet the needs of everyone living, working and visiting the area by providing accessible and responsive services.  Public Services are more likely to do that by being inclusive organisations that reflect Cumbria’s communities and have a culture that respects and celebrates all aspects of Diversity.


 Operational Delivery – To provide an equitable, responsive and appropriate service to all communities in Cumbria, encouraging and supporting the reporting of crime, appropriate use of services and promotion of health and wellbeing.

2. Organisational Change – To engage with communities and stakeholders internally and externally, improving communication and building confidence and trust in the Public Sector in Cumbria.  Embedding equality into everyday business and processes to ensure all staff contributes to meeting these objectives.

3. People and Culture – building an inclusive and supportive working environment that encourages development, progression and retention of staff and volunteers.  Creating a culture where all staff feel valued and where people want to come and work.

How NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group will achieve the joint Objectives:


  • Improve access to services
  • Achieve improvements in overall health by clinical effectiveness, patient safety and patient experience for all through quality monitoring of commissioned services
  • Act on information received from engagement activities and patient feedback.

With a view to:

  • Promoting equality of access to services commissioned by NHS Cumbria CCG.
  • Designing or re-designing services and care pathways that are contractually monitored to ensure they meet the needs of patients, carers and local communities.
  • Improving the collection and use of patient experience data.

Objective 2:

  • Consult and Engage with a wide range of stakeholders about issues likely to have an impact on users of services.
  • Ensure that all staff are aware that equality is everyone’s business and everyone is expected to contribute to the CCG’s Equality Objectives.

With a view to:

  • Improving patient safety outcomes across all protected characteristic groups.
  • Ensuring that staff at all levels of the organisation understand local equality and diversity issues.
  • Providing mandatory training and access to other training relating to equality issues and legislation.

Objective 3:

  • Provide a working environment that values and respects the individual and challenges discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation.

With a view to:

  • Monitoring staff recruitment and retention.
  • Monitoring grievances and disciplinary reporting.
  • Providing access to leadership and development programmes for all staff.
  • Regular staff surveys and feedback mechanisms. 
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