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Listening to Cumbria

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In May and June 2012, GPs across Cumbria carried out a engagement programme to encourage people across the county to share their views of local NHS services. This campaign was called 'Listening to Cumbria'.

Cumbria's GP - listening to youFamily doctors will from April 2013 be replacing NHS managers as the lead decision makers over how and where local NHS services should look and be delivered. In order to help shape these decisions, commissioning GPs want ongoing feedback from the public around what they like and dislike about the existing local NHS health services that they use.

When deciding which services should go where and how they should operate, GPs will look at the needs of the local population and how existing NHS services are operating. In order to get a clear picture of how things are working, they need to hear from the patients actually using the services.

Listening to Cumbria' was launched by NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which is led by GPs nominated by their doctor colleagues to make these decisions.

A series of roadshow events took place across the county and people were encouraged to fill in and return surveys which were available at the roadshows and in GP surgeries.


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