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Cumbria's GP Commissioning Group Continues to Take Shape With First Full Council Meeting

Homepage » News » Cumbria's GP Commissioning Group Continues to Take Shape With First Full Council Meeting

Cumbria's GP Commissioning Group Continues to Take Shape With First Full Council Meeting

Posted on Monday 3rd December 2012

Members attending the first Full Council of Members meeting, Rheged.

Last Thursday, Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) held its first full council of members meeting at Rheged.

The core purpose of a CCG is to commission local NHS services and to be clinically accountable to the local population it serves.

As a Clinical Commissioning Group, the CCG is a membership organisation made up of GP member practices. In total all of the 82 GP Practices across Cumbria are members and make up the full council.

As part of the CCG's responsibilities to be transparent and accountable it must follow certain guidelines and governance requirements around decision making. Once Cumbria CCG receives its authorisation as an accountable body it will begin holding formal Governing Body meetings which will the public will be able to attend and agendas and decisions made in these meetings will be fully available.

The following items were discussed at the Full Council of Members meeting:


  • GP Members were informed of the Governing Body recruitment process and were asked to ratify these appointments.
  • Members were asked to agree the CCG’s priorities including:
    • Improving care to respond to the challenges of an ageing population
    • Improving the health of children and young people and the quality and integration of care services.
    • Improving mental wellbeing and reducing alcohol misuse
    • Reducing health inequalities and premature mortality from cancer and cardiovascular disease.
    • Reconfiguring and modernising health services to provide more sustainable and higher quality care.
  • Members were asked to approve the CCG’s draft constitution which lays out who has decision making powers and when decisions should be delegated to individuals or escalated to the Governing Body or Full Council of Members.

It is expected that a CCG Full Council of Members Meeting will take place twice a year unless Members choose to call an extraordinary meeting to respond to specific.

Dr Hugh Reeve is the Clinical Chair of Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group. He said: “Cumbria CCG is a clinically led organisation and this is why our GP membership is so important. Without the support of the Full Council of Members we wouldn’t be able to achieve the improvements we wish to make in local NHS services to improve the health and outcomes which people in Cumbria face.

“It’s been really encouraging to all meet together for the first time so we can begin agreeing how we plan to operate in the future.

“Although there will be difficult decisions to be made in the current financial climate and with the challenges we face in our county, such as the ageing population, I am keen that everyone knows that the needs of patients will be at heart of everything we do.”

NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which is led by a group of seven Cumbrian based GPs will take over responsibility from NHS Cumbria, the primary care trust in April 2013 for commissioning local NHS health services. This means Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group will decide how and where local NHS services should be delivered. 'Commissioning’ means planning and purchasing NHS services for local people from hospital trusts and other organisations.

From April 2013 as part of the government health reforms, primary care trusts will no longer exist.

Posted on Monday 3rd December 2012


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