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Top GP named for NHS Cumbria's new Clinical Commissioning Group

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Top GP named for NHS Cumbria's new Clinical Commissioning Group

Posted on Monday 9th July 2012

The top two professionals in Cumbria’s new NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have now been appointed.

Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will be taking over from NHS Cumbria, the county’s primary care trust, decisions about how and where local health services should be delivered from April 2013.

Dr Hugh Reeve a Grange based GP has now been named as Cumbria CCG’s Chair Designate and Nigel Maguire has been named as the CCG’s Accountable Officer Designate.

Dr Reeve has been working with NHS Cumbria to make commissioning decisions for a number of years by and was formerly Medical Director of Morecambe Bay Primary Care Trust which was dissolved in 2006 to form part of Cumbria Primary Care Trust.

Nigel Maguire was formerly Chief Operating Officer for NHS Cumbria and has held a number of senior positions within the NHS across the country as an executive nurse.

Before Cumbria CCG can formerly take over from NHS Cumbria it must be authorised as a new organisation. In order to be authorised, the CCG must pass a series of tests overseen by the NHS centrally. These are to check that it is fit for purpose to able to assume full responsibility for commissioning the majority of local health services in Cumbria. At the same time, NHS Cumbria will play a smaller and smaller role as it prepares to be closed down formally in April 2013.

As this process continues other senior positions are also being appointed to support the work of the CCG and its six existing GP leads who represent each of Cumbria’s six localities.

Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group is one of 35 organisations seeking authorisation across the country in the first wave and hopes to be authorised in autumn 2012. Following this time the positions will no longer be classified as designate.

Dr Hugh Reeve, Chair of Cumbria CCG said: "The NHS is going through a period of sustained change and throughout this my colleagues and I will be making sure the needs of patients are at the forefront of everything the health service in Cumbria does.

“I am very pleased to have been formally appointed as the chair of this new NHS organisation which will assume responsibility for planning and buying health services for Cumbria’s communities. I'm looking forward to working with patients and health professionals across the county’s health services.

“Alongside my new role, I’ll continue to see patients in my local practice and my priority will be to make sure services across Cumbria are patient focused and help people get the right treatment they need in the most efficient, professional and caring way possible."


Posted on Monday 9th July 2012


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