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Cumbrian event launches common childhood ailments guides

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Cumbrian event launches common childhood ailments guides

Posted on Wednesday 14th November 2012
Dr Neela Shabde

Dr Neela Shabde

High temperature, cough colds and breathing difficulties, and constipation are three of the key areas which professionals working with children in Cumbria are focusing on at a workshop event on Thursday (15th November).

The event aims to launch three new ‘pathways’ or guides around these common childhood ailments. The aim of these pathways is to advise parents what symptoms their child may have, when they should take action, seek advice, and what type of tests and help they may get from professionals. The guides also remind professionals, what parents and families expect, so everyone can work together to help the child get better.

As a workshop, professionals are invited to learn about the pathways and hear how they can help implement and support parents to use them. The event is being sponsored by Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and led by Health Builders, a movement to transform services for children's health across the county.

Constipation, coughs colds and breathing difficulties and high temperatures all commonly effect children and can usually be managed at home, but often parents and families aren’t sure when a symptom can be managed at home or when it is more serious. These pathways aim to help support parents and families when they do visit health services about these conditions, so they know what to expect and advice for the future.

The launch of these three pathways follows on from a county wide Health Builders conference in July.

Two more pathways on different common children’s health issues will be launched next year.

Dr Neela Shabde said: “The workshop event is all about getting health professionals together to talk about the different pathways and how we can all introduce and use these in our daily work.

“As a parent it can be very upsetting and confusing when your child is ill as you’re often unsure when to seek help and when a condition will settle itself. These pathways are guides, so both parents and professionals are using the same map. If a child sees a health professional with one of these conditions their parent or guardian, can be given a pathway guide to explain what will happen and be able to keep it as reference if they same symptoms arise again.

“This also allows professionals and families to use them as learning tools, so they can share their experiences and discuss how to manage certain conditions and avoid them occurring in the first place.”

Dr Paul Gibson is a Consultant Paediatrician at University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust and the Associate Medical Director for Health Builders. He said: “Health Builders, through bringing together organisations and professionals in Cumbria, is looking at how we can improve the experiences which children, young people and families have when using local health services. One way of doing this is by providing more information, better signposting and reassurance to parents, which these pathways aim to do.

“By being designed for both families and professionals, everyone is clear what the key points around these conditions are, what each individual is looking out for and what will happen if they child does need medical help. Hopefully acting as a guide, to simplify the experience.”

Posted on Wednesday 14th November 2012


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