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Healthy Living Pharmacies for Furness

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Healthy Living Pharmacies for Furness

Posted on Thursday 5th September 2013


Healthy Living Pharmacies for Furness

A new kind of pharmacy service is to be launched in Furness following the decision by NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Furness Locality to support the development of Health Living Pharmacies - providing a wider range of health services to local people.

The idea of the Healthy Living Pharmacy recognises the important role pharmacies can play in helping to reduce health inequalities by providing high quality health and wellbeing services, promoting health and providing proactive health advice and interventions.

The program will see NHS Cumbria CCG working with Public Health and Adult Social Care professionals within Cumbria County Council and third sector voluntary organizations to increase access to healthcare in areas of Furness where the is no GP practice.

A Healthy Living Pharmacy is planned for Ormsgill, and if successful the scheme will be rolled out to Barrow Island.

The project will involve additional training for pharmacy staff to provide non-medical prescribing and treatment of minor ailments to reduce demand for GP appointments.

The Healthy Living Pharmacy concept has been successfully piloted nationally, and evaluation highlights that over 20 per cent of people would have done nothing to access health and wellbeing advice or services if they had not revived it within the pharmacy.

The evaluation into Healthy Living Pharmacies in England indicates the important role of the pharmacy team in supporting people with health and well-being advice.

The Health Living Pharmacies proposal for Furness was supported by NHS Cumbria CCG Furness Locality Deputy GP Lead, Dr Arabella Onslow.

Dr Onslow said: "The Healthy Living Pharmacy concept has my support. Anything which improves patients' access to health care and health outcomes using appropriate and trained community resources is an important step towards the empowerment of patients and the delivery of good health care."

Furness Locality Primary Care Development Lead, Hazel Smith said: "In Furness we plan to develop the concept further to include Independent Prescribing which allows improved access to medicines and will reduce the demand for GP appointments, making best use of the health resources we have."

Pharmacists taking part will be required to undertake six months training for the Non-Medical Prescribing, involving face to face clinical work under the supervision of a GP and training in clinical skills including physical examinations. And they will also have to undergo additional training for the CPPE Leadership Modules for Health Living Pharmacies

Posted on Thursday 5th September 2013


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