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NHS Cumbria CCG awarded £100K to further develop a feedback system for children and young people

Homepage » News » NHS Cumbria CCG awarded £100K to further develop a feedback system for children and young people

NHS Cumbria CCG awarded £100K to further develop a feedback system for children and young people

Posted on Thursday 13th February 2014

NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been awarded £100,000 by NHS England to provide a Pathfinder Project that encourages children and young people to give feedback about the various healthcare services they have experienced in Cumbria.

Working in partnership with several health organisations across the county, NHS Cumbria CCG has worked with i Want Great Care (iWGC) and used the views of children, young people and their families to develop a child friendly App that allows children to draw a picture of their experience in hospital or other health service where they have received treatment.  The project group put a lot of thought into designing and testing the questions to make sure they are suitable for all age groups. 

The App – designed and supplied by iWGC, who are the market leaders in patient feedback, aims to increase the numbers of reviews from children and young people. It allows them to give instant, online responses to their care through smartphones, tablets and iPads. 

NHS Cumbria CCG will use the funding to purchase 250 tablets that will be distributed across all the health providers used by children and their families.  The management of the project and staff training will be covered by the grant so staff know how to use the App and can ensure as many children and young people as possible get chance to give feedback. 

Dr Hugh Reeve, Clinical Chair of Cumbria CCG, said: “The CCG and all our partners working on this project are very pleased to have been awarded £100,000 from NHS England.  It will enable us to take this innovative project to the next step and drive up response rates from young patients.  The best way to get feedback from children is to provide them with an on-line resource that gives them, their parents, families and carers a flexible opportunity to have their voices heard.  

He added: “We believe this is the first comprehensive feedback system for children in the UK, and healthcare providers in Cumbria will use the information to redesign health services as appropriate.  Feedback is essential to make sure that both the commissioning and provision of services for children and young people improve across the county.”

The child friendly App is in addition to the current Friends and Family Test (FFT) and will provide a platform for young people and children to be heard. 

The (FFT) has been used in hospital wards and Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments since April 2013 and asks patients upon discharge, or up to 48 hours afterwards, for feedback on the care they have received.

Hospitals are encouraged to follow up patients’ responses with further questions about why they answered in the way they did – making sure that every patient has the opportunity to be heard and acting as a lever by which NHS services can be transformed to better understand and meet local people’s needs.  From October 2013, the question has also been used in maternity services, where it is used to gather feedback on four elements including antenatal care, the birth, postnatal care in hospital and postnatal care in the community.

Posted on Thursday 13th February 2014


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