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Two new services to help frail older people in Maryport to stay well

Homepage » News » Two new services to help frail older people in Maryport to stay well

Two new services to help frail older people in Maryport to stay well

Posted on Tuesday 3rd February 2015

Two new schemes are now available in Maryport to help frail older people to stay well.

One involves a team of health and care professionals who are providing full health checks for people over the age of 75 and the other involves a team working with people, again over 75, who are most at risk of a fall.

The first scheme involves GPs and other health and care professionals identifying older patients who might benefit from extra care. Patients are then invited to a new clinic, which is run once a week at Maryport Community Hospital. Arrangements are also in place to visit less mobile patients in their own homes or in their care homes for the checks.

The team includes a GP and a senior practice nurse who are supported by colleagues working in district nursing and rehabilitation teams as well as social care. It is hoped that it may be possible to extend the scheme to include a consultant with expertise in caring for older people.

The second scheme is a six month pilot aimed at identifying older people at risk of falls because of their medications or existing health conditions. It is linked to the existing rehabilitation and physiotherapy service.

Dr Niall McGreevy, lead GP for Allerdale locality, which is part of NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “One of our priorities is to provide better support for frail older people to help them to stay well and as independent as possible. Both of these schemes will identify older people who may need a little more support from health and care services to reduce the risk of them becoming unwell or their condition deteriorating. By doing this we hope to provide better care for frail older people and, in doing so, reduce avoidable hospital admissions.

These schemes are part of an ongoing programme, called together for a healthier future, to provide more services closer to where people live, to help people to stay well and to reduce dependence on hospital services.

It is being led by NHS Cumbria CCG who are working closely with health and care organisations across North Cumbria.

Posted on Tuesday 3rd February 2015


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