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New boundaries for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in North Lancashire and Cumbria are confirmed for 2017

NHS Lancashire North Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group have confirmed that they have been given approval by NHS England to proceed with a change to their organisational boundaries. As a result of the boundary change there will be a new NHS Morecambe Bay CCG and a newly configured NHS North Cumbria CCG.

Morecambe Bay CCG will cover the localities of North Lancashire together with South Lakes and Furness in South Cumbria. North Cumbria CCG will cover the localities of Allerdale, Carlisle, Copeland and Eden.

The boundary change comes as a result of several months discussion with patient representatives, general practices, NHS and local government partners and staff members. The changes build on much of the work undertaken by the NHS across Morecambe Bay as part of the “Better Care Together” strategy. In North Cumbria a similar commitment has been made by local organisations to respond to the Success Regime through the consultation Healthcare for the Future in West, North and East Cumbria.

Both CCGs agree that the changes will make local commissioning arrangements simpler and more efficient as well as paving the way to greater integration of health and social care services in both Morecambe Bay and North Cumbria. The move is consistent with the arrangements for more specialised health services and workforce development which link Morecambe Bay to the rest of Lancashire and North Cumbria to the North East.  In addition, the recently announced Sustainability and Transformation Plan footprints placed north and south Cumbria in different areas.

Peter Rooney, Chief Operating Officer for NHS Cumbria CCG, said: “Increasingly Cumbria has been seen as being part of two distinct healthcare systems.  Because of this, we looked at a number of options and agreed the boundary change was the most appropriate way forward for Cumbria and North Lancashire.”

Andrew BennettChief Officer Lancashire North CCG, said: “We have worked very closely with our colleagues in Cumbria in recent years and believe these changes make sense for the communities we serve in North Cumbria and Morecambe Bay.”

The CCG boundary change is also leading to some changes in the functions undertaken by the local offices of NHS England in Cumbria and Lancashire. From April 1st 2017, those contracts and responsibilities in South Cumbria that are currently managed by the Cumbria and North East team will transfer to NHS England’s Lancashire team, which will become known as NHS England (Lancashire and South Cumbria.)

Jane Higgs, Locality Director NHS England (Lancashire) said: “Changing CCG and NHS England boundaries to match the Lancashire and South Cumbria health care system and planning footprint will benefit local organisations by reducing duplication and making it easier to plan services for the population in this area.”


“Commissioning” is a term the NHS uses to describe the planning and buying of healthcare services.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) commission the majority of hospital and community services for the communities they serve. They came into operation in April 2013 are led by local GPs and managers.

STP – Sustainability and Transformation Plans have beendrawn up to deliver the NHS Five Year Forward view in local areas. The West, North and East Cumbria STP is one of the smallest in the UK with a population of around one third of a million. The Lancashire and South Cumbria STP has been developed for a population of around 1.6 million.

NHS England is responsible for the commissioning of services in England. NHS England shares out more than £100 billion in funds each year, much of it to CCGs. It holds these organisations to account for spending this money effectively for patients and efficiently for the tax payer. NHS England is also responsible for commissioning specialised health services, primary care services and some public health programmes.

NHS England contracts and responsibilities in South Cumbria will transfer from the Cumbria and North East team to the Lancashire and South Cumbria team. These include: GPs, dentist, pharmacist and optometrist services; the commissioning of public health programmes including cancer screening and vaccination and immunisation; and responsibilities such as safeguarding for the South Cumbria population.

Map showing the split of Cumbria's NHS boundaries in 2017 some of North Lancashire are joined with South Cumbria to create the Morecambe Bay CCG footprint. West and North Cumbria are now covered by North Cumbria CCG