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There are 35 GP member practices in north Cumbria.
View the practice lists and details here.

North Cumbria General Practice Provider Collaborative

What’s happening in General Practice?

A new GP contract was agreed between NHS England and the British Medical Association (BMA) in January 2019.  It sets out how GP services will help deliver the NHS Long Term Plan published in January 2019.

The NHS Long Term Plan committed £4.5 billion more for primary medical and community health services by 2023/24.

The Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are made up of all the GP practices and mirror the ICC areas. Each PCN has a Clinical Director as detailed in the drop down box below.

Carlisle Rural - Dr Mark Alban

Carlisle Healthcare - Dr Alan Edwards & Dr Robert Westgate

Carlisle Network - Dr Sue Rossi

Cockermouth & Maryport - Dr Simon Desert & Dr Matthais Dombrowsky

Keswick & Solway - Dr Richard Massey

Copeland - Dr Celia Heasman & Dr Eve Miles

Eden - Dr Shonagh Speed-Andrews & Dr Helen Jervis

Workington - Dr Niall McGreevy

•    Addressing workload issues

•    Developing Primary Care Networks (PCN)

•    Improving Quality and Outcomes Framework

•    Joining up urgent care services

•    Using digital technologies

•    Delivering new services

•    Providing more certainty about funding for 5 years

•    Setting up a new clinical negligence scheme

•    35 GP practices in North Cumbria, ranging in size from 800 patients to 36,600 patients with an average list size of around 7,500.   Total population 323,000

•    Approximately 1.6 million appointments are provided in General Practice in North Cumbria in a year.

•    Plus 36,000 Extended Access appointments per year 

•    Out of hours services are provided by Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC) which were rated outstanding by CQC.

•    North Cumbria GP vacancy rate averages around 20% with some areas in the west of Cumbria as high as 39% - National GP vacancy rate is around 12%.  

•    Demographic pressures, patient expectation and more care provided in the community has seen a rise in demand of 33% in five years

•    National Patients survey shows that North Cumbria practices meet or exceed national average.  General Practice in North Cumbria has historically been of high quality and continues to perform well.

Primary Care Networks