Our aspiration

Our aspiration is to attract and retain skilled people, ensuring that north Cumbria is a great place to live and work, and that our staff have access to the right training, resources, and support to do their job well.

Our workforce is ageing, and we have difficulty attracting staff to our key roles. We are working together with partners in health and care, the voluntary sector and private providers in north Cumbria, to deliver a programme that links to the work that is happening across the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board.

Our programme

We will work together to make this a rewarding environment. Delivering our vision requires a confident, capable and motivated workforce.

We have four priority workstreams to help deliver our vision:

The Developing our workforce workstream is working on the following objectives:

  • ICP Executive / Board level development
  • Coaching skills & access to coaching
  • Leadership development at all levels
  • Single Cumbria Improvement Method & Tools capability
  • Growing Talent at all levels

The Looking after our people workstream is working on the following objectives:

  • Wellbeing Guardians
  • Wellbeing Conversations 
  • Sharing Best Practice
  • Community/partnership events & initiatives

The Building an inclusive workforce workstream is working on the following objectives:

  • Linking up Staff Networks
  • Learning & Development offers for ICP partners
  • Sharing Best Practice
  • Community/partnership events & initiatives

The Recruiting and retaining our people workstream is working on the following objectives:

  • International Recruitment
  • GP Recruitment & retention
  • Improving workforce retention
  • Widening Participation

News highlight:

  • Person-Centred Career Conversations

    Person-Centred Career Conversations

    A fantastic new offer to support you in having Person-Centred Career Conversations!

As health and care staff continue to face the extreme challenges of both winter and the pandemic, work is being done locally to inform managers of the best ways that they can support their teams.

During the first waves of the pandemic our teams worked brilliantly to support each other, and were often very creative as they faced unprecedented challenges together. As we continue to face new challenges during this difficult time, we are sharing some of the learned experiences from both national and local sources, to help colleagues to provide support to their teams.

The resource is quick and easy to use, and provides guidance around:

  • regularly checking on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our team members
  • how teams can work together creatively to find solutions to problems
  • the importance of keeping teams informed and connected
  • ensuring we all look after our own wellbeing as well as others
  • the local support available for your team’s wellbeing

Dealing with and recovering from Covid-19 is one of five shared priorities for health and care in north Cumbria.

We’re encouraging all teams across health and care services to make use of this incredibly helpful resource as we all continue to face the challenges of winter.