ICC Population: 30,722

GP Surgeries:

ICC Trio:

Adult Social Care: Sarah Joyce
North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust: Zoe Larmour
GP: Dr Matthias Dombrowsky

Health Profile:

  • Older population projected to increase
  • Life Expectancy (males and females) below national average
  • Long-term unemployment above national average
  • Hospital stays for alcohol related harm worse than national average
  • Elective hospital admissions for hip replacement above national average
  • Deaths from stroke worse than national average
  • More patients with high blood pressure; diabetes; asthma; and dementia than national average

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Detailed profiles have been developed for each ICC to support the planning of future services.

They cover information on the population and local health needs.

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Ewanrigg Local Trust (Community Group) Maryport

Making Maryport Smile Community Group

Legacy Plan:

View the Maryport Plan January 2018 -‘Maryport Alliance – Building a Population Health System for Maryport’