The Committee’s role is to enable members to make collective decisions on the review, planning and procurement of primary care services in North Cumbria, under delegated authority from NHS England.  The functions of the Committee are undertaken in the context of a desire to promote increased co-commissioning to increase quality, efficiency, productivity, value for money and to remove administrative barriers. 

Please note that due to current circumstances with the Coronavirus outbreak, these meeting are not being held in public. However, if you have any questions these can be sent to Jen Park ahead of the meeting, at:

Papers Archive


a. Core Voting Members:

CCG Governing Body Chair - lay member (Chair) - Jon Rush

CCG Governing Body - lay member (Vice Chair) - Carole Green & Denise Leslie

Accountable Officer - Dr David Rogers

Chief Finance Officer - Charles Welbourn

Caveat: No person can be a voting member if they are practicing in General Practice within the CCG boundaries. In such an instance the voting member will become a non-voting member.

b. Non-Voting Members:

Director of Primary Care - Caroline Rea

The Clinical Lead for Primary Care - Dr Colin Patterson

Up to Two GP ICC leads - Dr Niall McGreevy & Dr Alan Edarwds 

Primary Care Nurse - Sue Wight & Jackie Warbrick

c. In attendance (Non- Voting):

NHS England - Jenny Long

Healthwatch Cumbria - Helen Horne

Cumbria County Council Health and Wellbeing Board - Pat Bell

Local Medical Committee (LMC) representative - Peter Higgins & Mark Alban

Patient Participation Group (PPG) network representative - Sue Gallagher

d. Others in attendance (Non-Voting):

CCG General Practice Commissioner - Andrew Gosling

CCG Primary Care & ICC Senior Administrator - Jen Park

Other representatives may be invited to attend as deemed necessary by the Chair