AN NHS endorsed weight loss plan has helped a Septuagenarian lose over five stone to help beat her family history of Type 2 Diabetes.

Janeanne Gilfillan, 74, of Cumbria, dropped five dress sizes and reduced her BMI by 14.5 after signing up to the NHS Healthier You National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP).

Janeanne, who's brother had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, started on the online WW (formerly Weight Watchers) plan in October 2020 after tipping the scales at 15 stone 3 1/2 pounds.

"My eating troubles began when I was 18 and married with small children," said Janeanne.

"I felt unloved and became a recluse and wouldn't go out as I was so big and felt uncomfortable.

"I started to binge eat which led to me becoming an emotional eater. I was also attending counselling during this time for depression. When my brother became ill, I had to look after him which made my struggle even harder and a lifelong cycle of binge eating and depression continued."

After slowly getting back to caring about herself, in March 2020 Covid struck and Janeanne, like a lot of people was hit hard and sunk back into depression.

"My husband and family were so patient with me and during the first lockdown I finally faced up to my weight loss issue and realised that only I could do something about it."

After visiting her GP, Janeanne saw a poster advertising the NHS Healthier You National Diabetes Prevention Programme.

"I felt it was calling for me," said Janeanne

"I filled out the online form and was accepted as a self-referral - I was nervous but really excited to be taking back control."

Janeanne, started on the green plan, tracking her food choices and walking a little every day. After she began to feel better in herself and the weight started to move, she began online aerobics and completely overhauled her eating choices.

"WW has taught me to eat lots more food, but the right types of food," said Janeanne, who now weights 9 stone 11 pounds.

"I used to sit around all day in my dressing gown but now as soon as I'm awake I get into my fitness gear so I'm ready to get started.

"Now I can walk and not worry about hills, I don't get breathless anymore or need to use my inhaler, I can order clothes online in one size, my mental health has improved, and I can run about with my great grandchildren at the park – every day life is just BETTER!"

People with diabetes are at least twice as likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke than those without diabetes. It’s therefore essential to be diagnosed as early as possible because Type 2 diabetes is likely to get worse if left untreated.

Healthier You welcome the partnership with the NHS.

"Healthier You is delighted to work with Cumbria to support residents who are at risk of Type 2 Diabetes," added Jane Angell, NDPP Account Manager.