Following approval from NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens, Mark Adams has been appointed as NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group’s Accountable Officer.

Working for the CCG in an ‘Acting’ Accountable Officer role since 1 April 2020 Mark has now been confirmed through formal appointment for the Accountable Officer position. This followed the retirement of the CCG’s previous Accountable Officer/ Medical Director Dr David Rogers.

Mark brings great experience to the role, as he is also the shared Accountable Officer for Newcastle Gateshead CCG, North Tyneside CCG, and Northumberland CCG. His leadership role in north Cumbria will ensure that the CCG continues to build stronger commissioning relationships and enable more collaboration with NHS colleagues in the north east.

Mark will work closely with the leadership team at NHS North Cumbria CCG to ensure efficient and effective working arrangements, as well as being a member of the CCG’s Governing Body which is responsible for formally approving all the plans for the CCG.

He said: “This is a very strange time to join a new organisation with the situation around the coronavirus pandemic, but I have been very impressed by the flexibility and willingness of the organisation to work differently, and the ways in which staff have been looking after and supporting each other. These are indeed difficult times – not just for the NHS, but for our communities.

“I am looking forward to continuing the development of the great work of previous Accountable Officer and Medical Director David Rogers, as well as securing continuous improvements in service quality and outcomes for our communities.

“Working with the CCG’s leadership teams and Governing Body we have been ensuring resilience in our teams to meet any extra pressures caused by the pandemic. This of course is alongside the day to day business of ensuring that the CCG functions effectively, efficiently and economically with the aims of improving the safety and quality of services provided for patients, the health of the local population and the delivery of value for money.”

NHS North Cumbria CCG Chair Jon Rush added: “We look forward to continue working with Mark here in north Cumbria. His experience and knowledge will be a real boost and credit to the organisation and will also continue to strengthen our collaboration with colleagues across north Cumbria and the north east.”