More than 500 people have come forward for their 1st covid vaccines between the 2nd and 9th of January. 

There were also 1,188 2nd vaccines administered that week too, and the total number of vaccines delivered across north Cumbria now stands at almost 700,000.

While the focus has been on covid booster vaccines - with 7,394 boosters delivered last week - we are pleased to see people continuing to come forward for 1st and 2nd jabs too.

The offer of the vaccine doesn’t expire, even if you have turned it down in the past. You can book through or go along to a walk-in.

You don’t have to be registered with a GP, show any immigration status, explain why you haven’t had the vaccine previously – you will be made very welcome.

Helena Gregory web thumbnail.pngHelena Gregory, lead pharmacist for NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said:

“Whatever your reasons for getting your vaccine now – we will be happy to see you and have a chat about what’s best for you. Or, if you had your first dose a long time ago and weren’t sure about coming back for your second, you can get it at any time to protect yourself.

“Our teams are very used to having those individual clinical conversations and you can book or walk-in and ask to talk any issues through that might be on your mind.”

Everyone aged over 18 is eligible for 3 jabs. 
•    You can have your 2nd jab 8 weeks after your first
•    You can have your booster 3 months (91 days) after your 2nd
•    You must be 28 days clear of a covid infection

Everyone aged between 12 and 17 is eligible for 2 jabs
•    Your 2nd jab should be 12 weeks after your first
•    Not all walk-ins can see 12-15 year olds, so it is better to book

The latest published figures from NHS England and Improvement on January 13 2022 show vaccine teams across north Cumbria hves delivered:
•    Total vaccinations – 696,977

The latest figures up to Jan 12 2022 show:
•    Percentage of over 12s who have had their 1st vaccine is 89.4%
•    Percentage of over 12s who have had their 2nd vaccine is 84.3%
•    Percentage of over 12s who have had their booster is 68.6% (12 to 18 year olds aren’t eligible for a booster)

Helena Gregory added: “We are still encouraging people to come forward for their boosters too. The vaccine is doing a brilliant job to reduce both the number of cases, and the severity of covid in the population. The more protection you have, the less likely you are to get covid and pass it on, and the less likely you are to become severely ill if you do develop covid.

“This is really important for people who are vulnerable – you may have friends or family members who are receiving treatment for cancer, people living with long term conditions or those with other illnesses who will be more protected if people around them are vaccinated. And being vaccinated helps you reduce your own chances of developing severe or long covid.”

Public health teams from Cumbria County Council are telephoning everyone who hasn’t yet taken up the offer of the vaccine to offer support to those who may face challenges accessing the vaccine.

Walk-in sessions in north Cumbria:

•    Carlisle St Paul’s Church: Every Tuesday and Thursdays (and Wednesday 19th) 9-6  and every Saturday 9-5.30
•    Carlisle – Harraby Community Campus: 16, 21, 28 Jan – 9-5
•    Kirkby Stephen – Green Tree Pharmacy – 16 Jan 2-3.30pm
•    Penrith – Newton Rigg campus – 14 Jan 8-2, and 16 Jan - 9-3, and 19 Jan – 12-6
•    Penrith Rugby Club: 14, 24 and 31 Jan – 9-5
•    Seascale Pharmacy: 14,17,19 Jan - 10-1
•    Some of the other pharmacies may accept walk-ins – the list can be seen here:


•    More information can be found here: 
•    The latest public figures can be found at:
•    An interactive vaccination map can be found here:

Accessing a jab:

•    You can book a vaccine appointment here 
•    The national walk-in finder is here 
•    Local walk-ins may be listed here