Three of NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) senior leaders will join the organisation’s Governing Body.

The appointments strengthen the clinical and primary care leadership in the decision-making part of the organisation.

The three leaders who take on the additional responsibility bring experience and insight from across  a range of organisations.

Dr Gareth Coakley, Chief Clinical Information Officer:

“With roles in North West Ambulance Service, NHS England, Longtown Medical Practice, CHOC and BASICs North West I bring a unique perspective and awareness of the wider health economy to the Governing Body.”

Dr Helen Horton, GP Lead for Commissioning and Clinical Lead for Health Pathways:

“With my Pathways work, I have a good overview of what is happening in the system, which I hope will help with working with the Governing Body.”

Ed Tallis, Director of Primary Care

“I bring a career in healthcare, with wide experience in primary, secondary, private and charitable sectors, as well as many years as a clinician.”

All are part of the CCG’s current senior leadership team.

Jon Rush, chair of the CCG, said: “They each bring particular skills and experience that will help our focus on improving services and connectivity to our community through our ‘clinically-led and managerially-enabled’ organisation.”